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god is dead, the rumor goes
cheers to the earth and earthly things
the raindrop heralds the thunder's blows
the footsteps of our Superman kings
there are a thousand, thousand points from which one may enter the sacred forest
that is an encouraging thought


i often think of the Useless Tree
the clever predator, caught in a trap, hunted because he is clever
the yak, mighty, but only so - can't do anything with it
better to be useless?

to be useful is to be used

i may chose how useful i wish to be
but if it's in the middle of the field, even the stink tree will be burnt down


remember Agni attempting to burn the straw
composed of the stuff of his own being,
divine the draft golden glittering in cup and throat
from which i adamantly turn pursuing other divinity
sacred poison, crutch with which i seek the paths of Eden
swimming nearer the maelstrom's brink
tempted and foolish, daring dissolution of intent and self entirely
using entirely too many words for a thing beyond words
so many of these poems claw at the gate
"admit me, keeper!" my piteous cry
sometimes i suspect the rest define the gate by their perpendicular metaphors
a thousand needles surrounding a balloon, packed so tightly it can't be popped
take some away, burn the scraps
will the pressure be relieved?
will i get my detonation and implosion into realization?
struck again by the notion of a runic door serving as the threshold guardian of my life
against such i turn 'abracadabra' and 'friend'
the fiercest solvents and the oldest keys
sunlight nor moonlight nor the glint of stars unburdens me of the mystery of its solution
i am left instead seeking less reliable means
conscious of their deadliness and my unknowing

behind these runes i think i know
but every angle is a door when looking inward toward that hole
which is not an emptiness at all, but an unexplored fulness
a singularity containing universes
from whose gravity none escape
the runed-door bars, and i would be drawn in
if only i knew what pass to make with my fingers to admit my entrance
what incantation to recite, prayer to intone, fire to drink
i will be light to the inner shade, filling it as it fills me
An outline:

1. The land of dreams (of death)
    a. Buildings (architecture)
    b. Darkness ('light from out the lurid sea')
    c. Creatures (guardians, Cerberus)
2. A dreamer wakes
    a. Dark, confined space (coffin, sarcophagus)
    b. The room, the corridor
    c. The architecture (moving rooms, changing doors)
3. The dreamer sees the citadel (of Death)
    a. The dead garden (Proserpine)
    b. The hall of warriors (statues)
    c. The climb (citadel stairs)
4. The threshold of Death
    a. Death on the throne (a vision)
    b. The life-song 
    c. The postponement (of death)


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You're the one being all watchable. Keep posting, please!
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